Fitchburg Farms

Fitchburg Farms Fundraising

Fitchburg Farms is excited to introduce a new and exciting concept to provide fundraisers with the opportunity to generate funds based on the seasonal sales of Spring annuals, and Fall decor.

How it works:

  • Fundraising Organizer picks a convenient date to run the festival at their location.
  • Fundraising team organizes around pre-sale opportunities, and promotional material. Fundraising organization will provide promotional material, and incentives for presale opportunities
  • Fitchburg Farms provides all seasonal plant material, flowering annuals, holiday plants, and fall festival items to support pre-sale and actual sale date.
  • Fitchburg Farms sets up and displays at a convenient location for the fundraising organization.
  • We will provide all reports to the fundraising organization of sales date, product costs, and final profit for the fundraising campaign.
  • We will take back all remaining plant material and decorative material, after the sale is complete.
  • Fundraising organization generates pre-agreed upon percentage of all sales to be remitted/donated to the organization of their choice.
  • Remittances are provided within 48 hours